MongoDB Installation on Windows

MongoDB runs on most platforms and supports 64-bit architecture for production use .

To install the MongoDB on windows, first download the latest release of MongoDB. Make sure you get correct version of MongoDB depending upon your windows version.32bit versions of MongoDB only support databases smaller than 2GB and suitable only for testing and evaluation purposes.

try following below url for installation


MongoDB Installation on Windows from Archive

  • Download zip file from the link
  • Extract zip to a location ex: C:\mongodb
  • Create folder structure C:\data\db
  • Add below path to environment variable "PATH" C:\mongodb\bin
  • Run mongod from command prompt(server startup for MongoDB)
  • Run mongo from another command prompt(MongoDB prompt something like SQL prompt)

If you have install the MongoDB at different location, then you need to specify any alternate path for \data\db by setting the path dbpath in mongod.exe. For the same issue following commands.

In command prompt navigate to the bin directory present into the mongodb installation folder. Suppose my installation folder is C:\MEAN\mongodb

D:\MEAN\mongodb\bin>mongod.exe --dbpath "D:\MEAN\mongodb\data"